Comprehensive asset management and property administration services

Rental marketing

The most important aspect of a rental contract, like any other agreement, is that both parties are satisfied with the transaction outcome. To achieve this objective, the advice given to both landlord and tenant is of capital importance and this is a role that corresponds to the property administrator, as the intermediary in the operation.

It is necessary to advise the landlord to undertake those refurbishments necessary to adapt his assets to the target market and always at the best price possible. This means achieving the best profitability and the best tenant. It is also necessary to find the most appropriate marketing method, highlighting those characteristics that will enable this market to be reached, and to advertise it in suitable media. Finally, it is essential to choose solvent tenants, who feel that their aspirations are being fulfilled with the product that they will rent and, consequently, who will care for the property well throughout the contract term.

Meanwhile, it is imperative to inform tenants in detail of their rights and duties and it is also important to give them any necessary assistance in the case of any equipment breakdowns, conflicts with neighbouring residents, etc.

Our extensive experience in these intermediation roles, our knowledge of the market, the team of construction professionals we work with and the expert advice of our technical and legal advisers enable us to guarantee a consistently first-class service.