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Homeowners’ association

Even though AAA was founded as a company focusing on rentals management, we quickly realised that our experience in assets management is perfectly applicable to the management of buildings run by a homeowners’ association.

Traditionally property administration tended to consider homeowners’ associations as exclusively administrative organisations, where the aim was simply to manage funds for organising the payment of common services in an orderly way.

This narrow view is no longer useful today. Buildings age and, without adequate foreplanning, their facilities, façades, courtyards, etc., accumulate problems to the point of becoming unusable and turning into a source of new problems. It is essential, therefore, to plan preventive actions that avoid having to face, from one day to the next, urgent and costly repairs that mean serious upheaval for the residents living there.

Moreover, it is often forgotten that a homeowners’ association is an environment for coexistence where harmony among neighbouring residents is the most important aspect. Unfortunately, this coexistence is often a source of conflicts that can generate major upsets. It is fundamental for the administrator to act as an intermediary in any such disputes, so that residents can enjoy an agreeable environment in the place where they live or run their business.